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GMO’S, Monsanto, career politicians, padded pockets and bipartisan corruption are just a few reasons we the people must remember our elected officials work for us, we elect them and we have the power to fire them at the ballot box. This is not a story on corrupt democrats or corrupt republicans; nope, this is a coming out of the dark piece about how half of the Senate Agriculture Committee is trying to sell Americans health out to big AG/Farm Corps like Monsanto; and it’s a joint effort by democrats and republicans alike.

This week the US Senate refused to advance the anti-GMO labeling bill passed by the SAC in February known as the DARK act by consumer goods; DARK stands for Deny Americans the Right to Know. The bill would have nullified state laws like the one about to go into effect in Vermont requiring mandatory labeling of foods. The bill introduced by SAC chairman Senator Pat Roberts would have made GMO labeling voluntary. Roberts said in his remarks on the floor “Mandatory labeling might drive U.S. farmers to grow more non-genetically altered crops and that farmers would be forced to turn away from the genetically engineered corn and soybeans many currently grow, to instead produce grains that match better with consumer demand.”

With studies showing GMO crops linked to lung damage, cancer, organ damage, immune suppression as well as being linked to the obesity epidemic; one would think using a minimal amount of common sense that American consumers might actually want GMO’s more natural counterparts and that we do actually care what we put into our and our families bodies. I can tell you who doesn’t care about harmful genetically modified organisms most that are manufactured by the same company that gave us Agent Orange, Monsanto being consumed by Americans.

Take note so you will know who not to rehire come Election Day.

Of the 20 member SAC, eight took money from Monsanto and we can’t party blame because it was a 50/50 split with democrats and republicans. SAC Chairman Pat Roberts a republican from Kansas with 18 plus years on the job took $9,000. SAC Ranking Member and former Chairman Debbie Stabenow a democrat out of Michigan with over 20 years of elected service under her belt, serving in the US Senate for the last 15 years, as a US Congresswoman for 4 years and prior serving in both the Michigan State House and Senate padded her purse with $8,000 of Monsanto’s genetically funded money. Another Rino favorite and SAC majority member with 30 plus years of receiving a taxpayers salary is republican Mitch McConnell from Kentucky who no doubt could pick up quite a few barrels of Kentucky’s finest with the ten grand Monsanto paid out to him.

Honestly, it was just by chance that Senator John Boozman a republican out of Arkansas was next on the list with 15 years as a US Senator and 10 years serving in the House of Representatives in Arkansas, he took home $5,000 for his dark part. Amy Klobuchar the democratic Senator for the last 9 years from Minnesota was able to stay a bit warmer with an extra $5,000. Kirsten Gillibrand a New York democrat serving in the US Senate the last 7 years and 2 years prior in New York’s House of Representatives took home $1,000 for her troubles pushing the bill. Robert Casey the democratic Senator out of Pennsylvania who has served for the last 9 plus years sold out his constituents for $2,500. Lastly with 35 plus years as the republican Senator from Iowa Charles Grassley received two grand. I guess 35 years of support from his state was only worth the price of a Carnival Cruise for two.

There you have it the eight Senators who wanted to keep Americans in the DARK! Thank goodness for Senator Jeff Merkley the democratic Senator from Oregon who introduced a bill for mandatory labeling nationwide making a compromise by giving manufacturers several options in food labeling. Merkley said “Stopping this bill is a victory for American consumers, nearly nine of 10 Americans support labeling of genetically modified foods. It would be a tragedy to deny Americans their fundamental right to know what is in their food”

Frustratingly enough this week’s vote does not mean Roberts’ bill is dead. Director of food policy initiatives at Consumers Union, Jean Halloran, said “We expect the fight to continue after the Senate comes back from a two-week recess and we won’t let up the pressure, this week’s vote makes it clear that meaningful, mandatory GMO labeling is the only option if consumers are going to get the information they want and deserve” It doesn’t seem to matter the party affiliation, as long as they help Monsanto poison Americans food supply there will be genetically modified funded cash to give.

Hudson Reed Showers