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With a little help from his friends, he rushes out into the dark of night, armed with freshly printed posters to “vandalize” buses and doors and walls on the streets in Hollywood, California.

Graphics of a naked, muscular, tattooed torso with the face of Ted Cruz smoking a cigarette are emblazoned with the message, “Blacklisted and Loving It.”  The artist has even added an autograph by Ted Cruz, with his words: “The fight for liberty never ends.”

When Senator Cruz was introduced to Sabo and his work, he laughed and approved the message, only objecting to the cigarette – “I’ve never smoked.” He seemed to appreciate the likeness, adding with a grin, “My wife says it’s my prison body.”

Sabo’s works were even sold at website shop for awhile, until Sabo’s other works became a distraction.

Sabo mimicked the STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON movie poster, creating a graphic of Ted Cruz striding in a suit, with the accompanying words: “STRAIGHT OUTTA CONGRESS – A Story of the Establishment’s Most Feared Conservative”.

Unflattering graphics of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and other politicians are also available at Sabo’s website,, and posted clandestinely in southern California. Hillary has not yet commented on her opinion of Sabo’s poster about her campaign.

The street artist, Sabo, writes, “My aim as an artist is to be as dirty, ground level, and mean as any Liberal artist out there, more so if I can. Use their tactics, their methods, appeal to their audience, the young, urban , street urchins with a message they never hear in a style they own. My name is SABO, I’m an UNSAVORY AGENT!”

Another, anonymous, graphic artists team, farther north in San Francisco has created and displayed a colorful, comic-style poster of a super hero with the face of Ted Cruz, called “The Liberator.” His speech bubble reads, “I don’t work for the party bosses in Washington. I work for YOU!” and the message, “Ted Cruz 2016” added.

It seems that there is a renegade underground movement of Conservative artists who are using their talents to influence society and push the insurgent idea that a candidate who can and will “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution” will also benefit individuals who want to enjoy freedom of expression.

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Ted Cruz-The Conservative Treehouse

Hudson Reed Showers