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Stacey Dash made another bold move to unify races in America, calling out Hollywood on their elite hypocrisy with the launch of her new website- ‘Dash America.’

Dash wrote on her blog,I believe that instead of allowing others to divide us and hold us down, we must empower one another to rise up and unite for the sake of our great nation and the values that have made us the strongest country in the world, a true beacon of freedom for all people and all nations under God for centuries.  Dash America is an exhilarating political movement that focuses on unity, faith, family values, and feminism.”

Dash also hit Hollywood on her blog saying, “Hollywood wants strict gun control for you, but not its movies.”  She continued, “I believe we can and must return to Reagan’s Hollywood, a time when movies were pro-America, pro-freedom, and pro-family values. We are going to make to make that happen by writing, producing and distributing films that showcase what is great about America and show us how to achieve it’s potential.”

Liberal Elites want all of the privileges and protections of our liberties and freedoms while condemning Conservatives and Constitutionalists for honoring, upholding and defending our constitutional rights. Washington Elites want nothing more to divide us by race and class.  Kudos to Stacey Dash!

Dash has a new book coming out “There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative

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And follow her on Twitter at @REALStaceyDash

Photo Credit: “Stacey Dash” published on Flickr by Gage Skidmore

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