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It seems like an appropriate time to merge a little humor into my article. They say if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. With everything going on in our country we sometimes just need to take a break and find something to bring a smile to our faces.

This story, given with permission from my younger brother, will hopefully bring a little joy to your day.

My little brother is not so little. He is 6’5″ tall, while I am a mighty 5’7″.  No fair! But that is another story. When my lanky brother graduated from high school, the family took him out to eat to celebrate. They enjoyed a very nice meal, and as they were waiting in the lobby to pay and leave, my brother got one of those eggs from a machine that had a mechanical chicken laying them.

Never letting an opportunity to be goofy go to waste, my brother decided to start clucking like a chicken in the middle of this lobby with customers coming and going. The clucking might be enough, but to have this tall, lanky kid strutting around, clucking like a chicken caught almost everyone’s attention.  All of a sudden, my brother let out a good squawk, and from out of his pant leg rolled the plastic egg he had gotten earlier.  A little girl went running to get the egg.

I had to hand it to my brother, he had absolutely no fear of making himself the center of attention.

Years later when my brother got married, I took it upon myself to return the favor of the chicken incident. During the wedding rehearsal that night, when the preacher asked if there was a reason that  “anyone would object,” the sound of chickens clucking started to fill the room-   the men started rolling eggs  over to my brother.

The truth is, sometimes we just need to learn to laugh at ourselves, and not take everything so seriously. Enjoy life and have some fun. Next time you are at the Wal-Mart with your spouse or friend, go into the dressing room and yell out to your friend or spouse- “Hey go get me some toilet paper; they ran out in here.”

Find your inner chicken. Have a little fun and enjoy life.


Image Credit : GreatQueenLina

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