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October is here which means it’s time for thrills and chills from America’s top Haunted Houses.  If you are looking for first class fun and bone-chilling terror, then check out one of these top “Screamers.”   

*All information has been taken from attraction websites.  Please click on their links for more information.

The Dent Schoolhouse, Cincinnati, OH


Named one of the best haunted houses of 2016, this attraction is ripped straight from the headlines and is based off a real and twisted tragedy.  

From The Dent Gazette:


The Story of The Dent School House

CINCINNATI- In 1894 the Dent Public School was open. Teaching all grades kindergarten through 12th grade, the school was seen as the ideal establishment to send the local school children.  The school was equipped with the finest teachers, cafeteria workers, and janitorial staff for miles.


The school was very successful and thought highly upon.  But in 1942 several students, known for their “disruption in the class room”, mysteriously vanished.  They were last seen at the Dent Public School.  The Dent police began an investigation and came to the conclusion that they must be runaways.  Two years later, 1945, four students went missing in October.  Local police were baffled as to what was happening to the students.  Rumors started to spread that the local children disappearing had something to do with the school.


School remained as normal but rumors kept coming out about the missing kids.  It wasn’t until 1952 when three more students were not seen after school.  Students at the public school began to complain about a strange smell that was coming from the basement.  When Charlie, the head of janitorial services, was asked about the smell he said it was the pipes clogging up.  After a couple weeks the smell subsided, but new rumors spread that Charlie the janitor had something to do about the local kids disappearances.


 In October of 1955, more than seven students vanished with out a trace.  The local kids complained about a smell that was coming from the basement that was actually causing some children to pass out.  Community members of Dent rallied together and stormed up to the Dent Public School.  The angry mob bust down the large doors of the school house and proceeded to go into the basement of the school.   The local rioters were shocked at the grizzly sight that was strung throughout the janitor’s basement.


The basement was covered with the decaying remains of the missing students.  Bodies had been sealed in barrels, wedged behind the brick walls of the basement, and left in sanitary tubs to decay forever.  A search for the Janitor went over two weeks, but he was never found.  The school was closed shortly after the discovery.


The old school house is now said to be haunted with the roaming spirits of the children that were “taken care of” by the Janitor.  Rumors are that the Janitor came back after several years of the school house being closed.  His body was never found, but his spirit is still said to clean the old building.  The spirit is also said to have “taken care of” local trespassers that try sneak a peak at his home in the basement.


Spookywoods, Archdale, NC

Warning: Not for recommended for age 12 and underEnter our attraction along a dark, winding, dirt road, surrounded by haunted woods. If you are brave, roll down your windows to take in the night’s stale air… but Beware!  From the moment you arrive on Kersey Valley property you are fair game to each and every haunted creature residing here.  You will encounter special effects of light, sound, smell, claustrophobia, dense atmosphere, air pressure and may come in contact with liquid substances.  Leave your best pair of sneaks at home, but bring an extra pair of undies!  All these attractions below are included on your Spookywoods ticket.  Attractions are back to back, once you begin you continue through all of them before exiting back into our midway.

Wax Works- the Horror Classics: The Kersey Valley Wax Works museum is filled with old horror classics. The wax figures stood still until Zayla the gypsy witch cast an enchantment over the museum. Setting free all the monsters to seek their revenge. You can hear the desperate cries for help as the wolf man prowls for his next meal, and the shrieks of terror as the Frankenstein monster tears through the crowd.

The Old Circus House  The clown rejects have found a home in the old blue circus house. Dismembered bodies hang throughout the home as a trophy for the deranged clowns. Taking pride out of every victim they capture and make into their own circus puppet, get out quick before you’re part of the show…

Carnie Town  Ride through carnie town and see how the circus freaks live. You can smell the roasting of flesh over the fire as you pass through their town…but watch out these circus freaks are known to try and hitch a ride.

Holiday Land  Deep in the woods, is the twisted holiday land. As you cross over the bridge, some say you can hear the munching of the demented leprechaun chewing on brittle bones. Cold black eyes follow you through the woods, as you approach the Christmas House, and what once smelled sweet with Christmas cookies now has an aroma of rotting flesh and fruit cake.

Burning Times  Join the witch hunt, as you cross into the Burning Times. The smell of burning flesh lingers through the forest, as witches are being burned at the stake for their crimes of witchcraft. But not all witches can be captured, it is rumored that one witch still lives in the rotting cabin in the woods. So count all your fingers and toes, to make sure this wicked witch didn’t put a hex right under your nose.

Manor  Discover the manor’s hidden secrets as you walk through the halls. Pass by the displays of the dead as mourners weep for their loss, and enter into the embalming room. Where the last corpses blood is still on the embalming table as a chilling reminder of what you can not escape. 

Lair of the Vampires  All that’s left of the castle are ruins through the arch maze, molded gargoyles, broken coffins, and bones scattered around. Silently the vampires move, through each corner, waiting for the next taste of blood. As your group makes its way through the ruins remember; the vampires may lure you in, for a lifetime under the ruins of the castle.

Dead Men Tell No Tales  You stumble upon the secret hideout of Pirate Captain, Nicolai Blackheart. Gold and treasure line the walls for the taking… but BE WARE!  Every turn you make is rigged to trap and dismember.  If he discovers your treachery, he will expect his bounty…in gold or blood.

The Ice Cave  Ice crystals cover the walls, as you enter into the yeti’s lair in the depths of the ice caves. The frozen bodies are chilling reminder that not all can make it out alive. Monstrous insects have mutated to live in the cold corners of the ice cave, with creatures all around you never know what might crawl out!

Kersey Valley Asylum   A once renowned mental hospital, Kersey Valley Asylum has fallen to ruin.  Still in operation, this hospital is host to Dr.  W. S. Archer (Dr. No Face) who performs grotesque, physical and psychological, experiments on her patients.  Tormented and lost, the patients wander the corridors and strike out at anything or anyone they come across.  All who enter will be subjected to Dr.  Archer’s Psychological experiments and you’ll be lucky to escape her physical tortures as well.

Abominations   Mutated and unwanted, these abominations were thrown into the pig pin to live like animals. These grotesque experiments herd you through their maze as you try to escape.

Experiment X    Aliens have found a base in the quiet woods of Kersey Valley, conducting their experiment X on the captives. Turning them into robotic creatures with no humanity left in them, their brains programmed to go out and do one thing…capture the humans that enter the base.



Nightmare on the Bayou, Houston, TX

Nightmare on the Bayou is Houston’s only haunted house THAT IS REALLY HAUNTED!

We love our Ghosts, and are proud to be the only Haunted House in Houston that is REALLY HAUNTED!!! Don’t believe it? Ask our employees! Actual hauntings abound in and around our multiple haunted attractions and property!

Nightmare on the Bayou has over 15,000 sq. feet of Hauntedness!


Headless Horseman, Ulster Park, NY

Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses has the honor of being named #1 Hallow Scream by The Weather Channel, World’s Best Haunted Hayride by AOL News, voted America’s Scariest Haunted House in the Northeast by MTV, #1 in America two consecutive years by HauntWorld Magazine, named #1 on the Planet by New York Daily News, “One of America’s Best Hometown Haunts” by Fangoria Magazine, named #1 Outdoor Attraction by American Airlines, named #1 Scream Park and Hayride in America by HauntWorld Magazine, listed Number 1 by USA Today, and has been consistently named in the Top Ten Haunted Attractions by CNBC and AOL. It has been featured on The Travel Channel, Comedy Central, Emeril Live, Good Morning America, Nightline, CBS Evening News, The Today Show’s segment “Sara in the City” and several national magazines.

Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses is located in Ulster Park, NY, part of the Historic Haunted Hudson Valley. The 250-year-old farm incorporates over sixty -five acres of naturally landscaped property including foreboding woods, surreal ponds, fruit orchards and more. Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses is a unique, immersive experience with a theme that changes each Halloween season. Featuring: a theatrical one-mile hayride, corn maze, 7 haunted attractions which include: The Lunar Motel, Glutton’s Diner & SlaughterHouse, The Horseman’s Tomb, Dark Harvest Corn Maze, Night Shade Nursery & Greenhouse, Dr. Dark’s Black Spider Circus Sideshow, The Feeding presents “The Pain Killer,” and Two Raven’s Manor with skilled stunt actors and a magic-illusion sideshow starring Ryan Dutcher.



The Bates Motel, Glen Mills, PA

For 25 years, the Haunted Hayride at Arasapha Farm has been scaring its visitors with amazing props, digital FX, great actors and extraordinary professional makeup. The Hayride has been featured several times on the Travel Channel and has been rated as the Number 1 Haunted Attraction in America by Hauntworld Magazine, USA Today and many other national publications. The Haunted Hayride is a 25 minute, action packed, heart pounding ride through the dark forest of Arasapha Farm, located just outside of Philadelphia PA, and is filled with huge, detailed sets, giant monsters and more pyrotechnics than a Kiss concert. With scenes like a 100’ foot long, 40-foot tall drive thru insane asylum, a full-scale mockup of a New England church and a 200-foot long cave, the Haunted Hayride is an amazing example of Hollywood-style sets and props. And then there are the scares. With over 75 actors and 25 scenes, it is no wonder why this event is always on the “top 13” national lists of the best haunted attractions. To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we have added a new, giant set that will put this year’s hayride over the top. This jaw-dropping scene is guaranteed to strike fear in the bravest of souls! And, this year we present the return of the Headless Horseman, one of our customer’s all-time favorites.


Don’t forget to check into the Bates Motel, for the most incredible display of terror and mayhem this side of Hollywood. Filled with high-tech special effects, digital soundtrack, and lighting, the Bates Motel takes Halloween to a new level of horror…up close and personal! With incredible detail and stellar acting, it is no wonder why the Bates Motel is considered one of the best Haunted Houses in America. The realism in this attraction is astonishing, and is guaranteed to wow the experienced haunted house enthusiast. From the moment you enter you will feel that you have been transported to another time and world. As you creep through this show, you see levitating spirits, floor boards that come alive, pictures that follow you, and incredible, custom animatronic props that you will not see anywhere else. The actors interact with you on a personal level and the screams echo throughout the building! What’s new for this year? You will have to come out and see for yourself!

The Bates Motel is a high startle, high action haunted attraction and not recommended for children under 8 or people with heart conditions.


Netherworld, Norcross (Atlanta), GA

What Will Rule The NETHERWORLD?

Monsters-  Horrors released from the unknown threaten our world and only the return of ancient MONSTERS can defeat them! Celebrate 20 years of NETHERWORLD Haunted House with a nightmarish adventure you will never forget!

This Year Featuring: The Flying Angel! The Lair of The Sea Witch! The Feasting Vampires! The Goloth Invasion! The Attacking Harpy! The Transformation Chamber! The Cavern of The Werewolves! The Blood Beast of the Arena! The Boogeyman’s Return! The Chapel Of The Gargoyles! The Cyclopean Soul Eater and The Doom Stone Unearthed! Experience an incredible avalanche of never ending horrors sure to shock during NETHERWORLD’S 20th year celebration!

Released from their primordial Antarctic prison by well-meaning paranormal researcher Dr. Elias Ephraim, The soul eaters (Goloths) began rapidly consuming the legions of ghosts causing the wasting disease called THE ROTTING!

Unfortunately, these ectoplasmic apex predators soon discovered that ripping the living souls from human beings and other terrestrial life was just as tasty as eating ghostly energy! This rabid feasting did not go unnoticed by the Dark Ones, the masters of the NETHERWORLD who had always considered our world to be their personal property. They launched an all-out assault on the Goloths commanded by The Collector, The Harvestman, and the Boogeyman, leading The Dead Ones, The Gargoyles, and The Nightmare Kings into combat!

Now all-out war ripples through both the material and immaterial planes as the most powerful supernatural creatures ever known tear into the mutating ravenous hordes of the Goloths in a battle they just might lose!

As this struggle for dominance rages, the monsters of the natural world, The Vampires, Werewolves, and Deep Ones led by the Witches and The Illuminati began mustering their forces to confront the winners of this savage conflict, while seeking a way to defeat the Goloths in the place they were created – The Lost City Of The Elder Things!

It has been 20 Years since Dr. Colber opened the doorway to the NETHERWORLD and now the invasion of our planet continues in an epic war of the MONSTERS!

Vault 13: Can You Escape a Nuclear Meltdown?

The crazed artificial intelligence PROTEUS demands that the Mangler create him a “bride” or he will destroy the world with the massive arsenal of VAULT 13! Can the chaos be stopped or will mutations, aliens, robots and nuclear destruction be unleashed on an unsuspecting planet?

This year featuring: The Xenomorphic Terror! The Collapsing Missile! The Blast Off Inferno! The Bride of Proteus! The Melting Core! The Radioactive Roach Infestation! The Mega Slammer! The One Million Volt Tesla Coil! The Spinning Kill Floor! Machine Gun Zombies! Crazed Automatons and the return of the Toxic Foam Room! Total Terror and SCI-FI Thrills Reign during NETHERWORLD Haunted House’s 20 Year Celebration!

During the events of VAULT 13 UNEARTHED, the mad artificial intelligence PROTEUS seized control of VAULT 13 and used its resources to capture his creator the Mangler. Now PROTEUS has demanded that the Mangler create it a “bride” or it will launch thermonuclear warheads at major population centers, and destroy Vault 13. When the Mangler refused to even acknowledge the existence of PROTEUS (He was deeply immersed in a complex mutation experiment with alien lifeform samples) in a blind rage the AI began prepping the warheads for launch and overloading the reactor core in Vault 13 to create a nuclear meltdown!

Unexpectedly the Mangler began working on the “bride” when he finished his earlier project, but with the meltdown in progress would PROTEUS even be able to stop the countdown if he wanted to? Would Special Forces strike teams be able to enter Vault 13 and shut down the reactor? Would the Mangler’s new Xenomorphic creations escape and kill everything in their path? Did the Mangler have a deeper plan for dealing with PROTEUS and the crisis in Vault 13? Or would the warheads launch and the base explode slaughtering millions? Find out this season in VAULT 13 MELTDOWN!

If you missed part one, you can read it HERE now.


Hudson Reed Showers