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What, you can’t go?   Oh, yes you can!!!!!!

It is a dreary, dragging, rainy day.  You have an endless list of chores, the kids need a ride to a birthday party,and your nails are cracking and polish is peeling.  You take a moment, close your eyes and imagine sitting on by the seaside by a European resort, or even visiting a city in the United States with notable historic sites and plentiful museums and galleries.  

Are you ready to go?  This trip costs no money.  There’s no wait in endless lines or new languages to learn.  There are no security issues, and you do not have the concerns about international terror attacks while on vacation.

What am I talking about you ask?  

Cookbooks.   I routinely  tour the world through cookbooks.  And like many of you, I enjoy a visit to my local library and bookstores to begin my vacation.  

A good cookbook features personal anecdotes as to why particular recipes are featured.  Pictures speak a thousand words, and a good cookbook features pictures of where foods derive from, like a vineyard or farm.  Colorful photographs of the country and sights, in addition to the recipes and how to best present them are a must.   

                                                                                               Pictures of orange trees and spices from The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen by Amelia Saltsman 2015 Sterling Epicure publishers

Because cookbooks feature regional themes, we can learn to cook from a distinct location and surrounding regions Dreaming of Italy, you can choose from pasta books, Mediterranean diets, and other parts of the country, like Tuscany.  This can be applied to any country or even cities across the world.  For example, you no longer have to travel to Chicago to get that perfect deep dish slice of pizza, or Philly to get that cheesesteak sandwich.  Grab your cookbook and fix the perfect Tex-Mex for your card club.  Make that famous NYC cheesecake for that next luncheon with your friends.  You can find a cookbook for almost every city and country around the globe.  

There’s no need to travel alone, take a friendly face . . . Ina Garten, Ree Drummond, or even a face from the past, like Julia Child.  A personal favorite of mine is Nigella Lawson, the “Domestic Goddess” whose has made a career from cooking and baking without professional classes.  She shares many personal details of her life about her family escaping the Nazis, her battles with weight and cancer, and her struggles with losing a spouse, and going through a divorce with her followers.  

I recently took a trip with her to Italy through her bestseller, “Nigellissima: Easy Italian-Inspired Recipes,” published in 2012. I learned how French Fries became Tuscan Fries, updated a favorite pasta dish with olives and anchovies with a spelt spaghetti, and tried several fruit desserts with figs, dates, and pistachios.  It was an amazing trip!

Another good thing about traveling with a cookbook is that you do not need the latest best-seller, and therefore don’t have to put yourself on a waiting list.  You can find amazing cookbooks at your local flea market, festival, and used bookstore.

Adapt recipes to your liking.  I am making a tart, but with seasonable pears for fall, instead of the suggested summer fruits like peaches and plums. Allergic to nuts?  Simply eliminate them or add another crunchy texture like a fried onion ring, or homemade cheese croutons if you are following a low-carb diet.  Allergic to shellfish?  Use a salmon or a thick white fish, like a cod, and cut into small cubes.  It works in most recipes.  

Take pictures of something that inspires you, a place setting, a garden filled with spices and vegetables, a freezer with different cuts of beef freeze-drying.  Open your favorite cooking destination and allow your escape to Tuscany, Ireland, or even the deep South to begin…

My trip to India is about to begin…..Are you joining me??????


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