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Fire Hoses are tools which are used to extinguish fires in cases of accidents. A fire hose reel consists of a valve, input pipe, reel, hose, and gun. The reel sprays extinguishing agent while unfolding the hose. Fire hose reels come in various forms and lengths and diameters. Provided that one knows the proper process, the fire hose is pretty easy to use. Affordable fire hose reels hold an immense amount of water and can be extended up to thirty-five meters.

Kinds of Fire Hoses:

    • The Attack Hose Reel: This is the most common among fire hoses and is used when a large amount of water needs to be forced out of the reel. The diameter of the reel is smaller than the length.
    • Supply Hose Reel: Comparatively larger in diameter and it transfers water from one pumping station to the other.
    • Suction Hose Reel: When the fireman needs to pump out water at a low pressure from a pond or a river, a suction hose reel is used.
    • Forestry Hose Reels: Used in cases of forest fires where the reels need to be large and flexible and also needs to have an immense capacity to hold water.
    • Booster Hose Reels: Pumps out a large amount of water at once and is used to control the spread of fire in a congested area.

Affordable Fire Hose Reels

There are two ways of Buying Affordable Fire Hose Reels:

Online Stores: It may not be a popular trend to buy products like fire hose reels from online stores, but people are buying diamonds online these days! So it speaks for how reliable the online commercial platform is! Buying fire hose reels online have many obvious advantages.

  1. First of all, you can shop online 24×7, whereas brick and mortar stores are open just for a fixed period of time. Then, when buying online, you can choose from immense numbers of available discounts and deals. There are a plethora of affordable fire hose reels to choose from online. The product purchased online will be delivered to your doorstep which at times even might be without any delivery charges.
  2. Online shopping portals often provide the customers with the option for reviewing the item on the website after purchasing it. Those comments and reviews are hundred percent genuine, and a new customer can refer to the reviews before buying the product. This opens the option of comparing reels available at one online shop to the other. Moreover, because the online shops do not need to cover accommodation costs or distributor’s costs, the fire hose reels available here are a lot cheaper than the ones available in the physical markets.

Physical Stores: Buying affordable fire hose reels from the physical stores may not have as many advantages as buying them online, but physical stores are still a popular option. You can go to the physical stores in person and check the products with your own eyes. In a physical store, you can ask for instructions and directions to use them from the sellers.

Fire Hose Reels

Points to remember while using Fire Hose Reels: Not every form of fire can be put off with the help of fire hose reels, nor they should be used to do so. Extinguishing a fire with water from fire hose reels should be absolutely avoided when any electrical appliances are nearby or when any electrical appliance catches fire. No untrained person or firefighters who are less capable of the work, or equipped with inadequate knowledge should be allowed to handle a fire hose reel.

Putting out a fire is daring and dangerous, but with the right knowledge and right equipment, you are sure to take control of fire accidents.


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