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I have developed Upward Swinging Arm Wrist Flap Syndrome (U.S.A.W.F.S.).

What I’ve noticed is my left shoulder and wrist have become quite muscular, leaving me tipping over to my left.

I wondered how this happened and was quite concerned. I did a Google search and found nothing. I was seriously considering calling a doctor.

However, today I got my answer.

As I walked down the street in this quaint little town I live in, I noticed I waved five times. Then, as I drove to another small little town, my arm naturally went up at least ten times waving out the front window or the side window to passerby in other cars.

To top that off, I went to yet another little town and walked to the diner. On my way in, I waved to three people in cars, one person walking by, and once inside, I waved to four different tables of people with 4 – 6 at each table.

So, within a couple of hours, I found my arm and wrist naturally floating up to do a wave motion…TWENTY-THREE times, which doesn’t include the actual turning of the wrist moving the hand side to side! That’s equal to doing one-armed push-ups…well maybe not. (Not counting the counter-waves…that’s a LOT of waves.)

It got me to thinking about this “wave” thing. It was strange, I knew only three of the people I waved at. What about the others? Just waving to strangers in Chicago or New York can get you tapped as seeking a hooker or a cab. One will get you arrested; one won’t.

What happened to the repeated “Hi” or the “What’s Up?”  or the “How are you?” None of these questions are asked to actually get an answer. And in many cases are just ignored altogether.

The wave is much simpler for those who are conversationally challenged and much better for a person physically. 

Except I found my shirt doesn’t fit so well on my left shoulder.  I’ll have to remember to switch arms, so my shirts fit correctly again, and I’m not tipping over.

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