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May 28

585 BC – A solar eclipse interrupts a battle outside Sardis in western Turkey between Medes and Lydians. The battle ends in a draw

1738 – Dr. Joseph-Ignance Guillotin, French inventor of the execution device which bears his name, is born

1754 – Lieutenant Colonel George Washington begins the Seven Years’ War

1759 – William Pitt the Younger, Prime Minister of England, is born

1779 – Irish poet, Thomas Moore, is born

1805 – Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned in Milan, Italy

1807 – Naturalist and educator Jean Agassiz, is born

1818 – Confederate general during the Civil War, PGT Beauregard, is born

1830 – Congress authorizes Indian removal from all states to the Western Prairie

1843 – American author Noah Webster dies

1849 – English author and poet Anne Bronte dies

1863 – The 54th Massachusetts, a regiment of African-American recruits, leaves Boston, headed for Hilton Head, South Carolina

1859 –The French army launches a flanking attack on the Austrian army in Northern France

1863 – The most famous black regiment of the Civil War, the 54th Massachusetts Infantry, leaves Boston for combat in the South

1871 – The Paris Commune is suppressed by troops from Versailles

1883 – Indian politician Vinayak Damodar Savarkar is born

1888 – American athlete Jim Thorpe is born

1900 – Britain annexes the Orange Free State in South Africa

1902 – Owen Wister’s The Virginian is published

1908 – British novelist Ian Fleming is born

1910 – Blues guitarist and singer T-Bone Walker is born

1912 – Australian writer Patrick White is born

1916 – Writer Walker Percy is born

1918 – In the first sustained American offensive of WWI, an Allied force captures the village of Cantigny, on the Somme River in France

1918 – Radio humorist Herb Shriner is born

1919 – Poet May Swenson is born

1923 – Austrian and Romanian composer, Gyorgy Ligeti, is born

1932 – Novelist and biographer Stephen Birmingham is born

1935 – Tortilla Flat, John Steinbeck’s first successful novel, is published

1936 – Poet and novelist, Fred Chappell is born

1937 – Volkswagen is founded

1937 – Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler dies

1940 – Irish writer Maeve Binchy is born

1940 – Belgium surrenders to Germany

1944 – 107th Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani is born

1953 – Melody, the first animated 3-D cartoon in Technicolor, premiers

1957 – National League owners vote unanimously to allow the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers to move to San Francisco and Los Angeles, respectively

1961 – Amnesty International is founded

1965 – Methane gas causes a mine explosion near Dhanbad, India, killing 375 and injuring hundreds more

1968 – Australian actress, producer, singer and songwriter Kylie Minogue is born

1972 – Edward VIII of UK dies

1986 – The US Court of Appeals upholds the conviction of writer R. Foster Winans for security fraud. As the author of “Heard on the Street,” a Wall Street Journal column, Winans agreed to give two brokers at Kidder Peabody inside information about his column

1987 – Matthias Rust, a 19-year-old amateur pilot from West Germany, takes off from Helsinki, Finland, traveling through more than 400 miles of Soviet airspace in a small Cessna and lands in Red Square by the Kremlin-proving a huge embarrassment to Soviet military

1991 – Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, falls to Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front forces, formally ending 17 years of Marxist rule

1998 – Actor and comedian Phil Hartman is shot to death by his troubled wife, Brynn, in a murder-suicide

1998 – Pakistan detonates five atom bombs in testing

2014 – Author and poet, Maya Angelou dies


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