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During the election, many of us were NeverTrump; some of us decided that between Trump and Hillary, the choice was a no-brainer. Others have continued to rant against him.

We here at Lanterns.Buzz, collectively decided to support our new President and be cautiously optimistic, but to be intellectually honest. In other words, if we screamed bloody murder about Obama doing something, and now we find Trump doing the same, we’re not going to whitewash it and say it’s okay just because he’s got an R in front of his name. 

Unfortunately, at this point, it’s all so much drivel, as far as I’m concerned. Both sides are pushing fake news. Both parties should feel ashamed of their behavior, frankly, but shame died a long ago in this country, and lies and downright stupidity have reached epidemic proportions. I can’t trust anyone anymore, and I’m sick of the NeverTrumps AND the OnlyTrumps. 

I voted for Trump because, between the rock and the proverbial hard place, I felt it was the best choice. I don’t regret my vote. I prepared myself to be happy for any conservatism we might get along the way, and not be surprised when his Democrat past popped up now and again, or more often. 

Neil Gorsuch is seated on the Supreme Court, and there have been quite a few other reasons to be pleased, so I’ve got my vote’s worth. I’ve realized after my January heart attack that I need a break from politics. I actually think most of the country does too. Most people don’t live and breathe politics like we do. There’s us, and there’s them, and there’s everybody else who doesn’t give a rip about any of it. I haven’t watched the news or listened to Talk Radio since sometime in March, other than to check out Ben Shapiro’s podcast every few days. I can’t take the constant angst. My blood pressure goes up and I have chest pain, and it’s just not worth it. All the fuss is coming from a select few, and I’m no longer interested in playing their game. 

The only shot we have to bring “our” America back is the Convention of States. If it’s all going to blow up into Civil War, which I believe is a serious probability, I’m going to try to enjoy what I can now. I’ll be turning in articles in a completely different genre soon. Of course, I’ll still hope the Republicans can get their act together by the next general election, and I’ll be supporting the Tea Party if they work hard to primary a whole bunch of useless representatives, who do not have the strength of their convictions. 

I’m a political animal by nature, and I’ll always have it in my blood, but I’m going to focus on my husband and myself for a while, and try to bring back some sense of sanity to our lives — we’ve put a great deal of time and energy into conservative politics, and now it’s time to reserve a bit for ourselves, to invest in our futures and our happiness. I hope you’ll join me in raising a glass to “… the pursuit of happiness!” 


Hudson Reed Showers