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Political news outlet, Mediaite, published an article making a case to take out Julian Assange with a drone as a “quick fix” solution.

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, and CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, are currently looking for ways to punish Assange for his relation to Wikileaks. John Levine, editor of Mediaite, suggested the Trump administration send a drone attack on Assange.

“We can drone Julian Assange.” Levine writes. “In a controlled targeted strike, the United States can blow up the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he currently resides, and put an end to Mr. Assange and Wikileaks.”

Levine is not using dark humor, either. He actually attempted to justify his outrageous solution to drone Assange.

“Now hear me out; I don’t use the “D-word” lightly. The fact is, Mr. Assange is no ordinary hacker, fleecing little old ladies or snatching R&D from Microsoft. He is a nefarious actor on the world stage. His disclosures have directly aided and abetted America’s international adversaries from Russia to ISIS, and his leaks have unquestionably made Americans and many others less safe around the world. Assange’s actions are not hacking, they are cyberterrorism — and they should be dealt with thusly.”

Levine said, “Assange should be given an ultimatum,” and he should be droned if he refuses to surrender to British authorities, within 2 days.

He also explained the cost effectiveness of his solution. “The British, which the BBC estimates have spent £12,000,000 on Assange related security costs, would likely be happy enough for any solution that gets rid of him. And since there is no risk of Assange escaping, negotiations between the U.S. and Ecuador could take place with full transparency with zero risk for miscommunication.”

Launching an attack against a sovereign nation, who has no relation to the United States, is justified, according to Levine. “As former president George W. Bush once said, the United States should make no distinction between terrorists and those harbor them. Ecuador is harboring a terrorist, and the United States should send a message that, that is still not okay.”

Taking a brief look at Levine’s Twitter history, there are numerous tweets calling “Wikileaks a terrorist organization,” and calling for Assange to “be droned.”

However, he was by their side when Wikileaks attacked the Bush administration, showing that Levine is unequivocally playing identity politics.

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