Heather Bryant

Editor-in-Chief, Staff Writer

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so welcome to my world.  I am a high school English teacher, political junkie, and now I have the honor of joining Madison’s CPC as the editor.

Now, most people would look at my desk and see a mess and nothing but chaos, but it’s MY organized chaos!  Welcome to the world of an ADHD mind. My desk is my command center.  I have books for my class, papers to grade, sticky notes aplenty, and many various tools, so that I am always prepared, and yes, I’ll use two computers at once, so that I can communicate with my writers and grade papers simultaneously.  

One of my favorite poems is by Shel Silverstein, and it’s called Hector the Collector.  Some people will look at my desk and only see the clutter.  Others will take a look, and find the treasures.  Pictures, butterflies, paper clips, bobble-heads… they all tell a story.  I hope that you will always look for the stories in life, because they are everywhere!

I have always marched to the beat of my own drum…  

I am a very passionate person who has a very strong sense of justice.  I am hard on my students, but fair.  I don’t pull punches with them, but treat them like adults.  I love my students, and even though I am tough on them, I would fight to the death for them, if they’ve been wronged, and they know that.  They inspire me every single day to be a better person and fight for their futures!  

Leftist, Social Justice Warriors Form Vigilante Group

Seriously.   The other day, my colleague wrote a piece called “Our Universities are Devouring Themselves Under Progressivism.”  In it, he detailed the protests when biology professor, Bret Weinstein spoke out against a social justice event that tried...

Parenting Done Right– Your Feel Good Story of the Day

We hear so many negative things about kids today, that I wanted to point out and honor a young man for his patriotism and inspiring me today.  What makes this story special, in my opinion, is the fact that he did this without hope of a reward.  It was clearly from his...

Kabuki Theatre: James Comey Edition

Welcome to Kabuki Theatre courtesy of the U.S. Senate.   It’s almost showtime today in Washington D.C.  Get your drinks ready and your popcorn popped because this is going to be the event of the year.  The stage is set for an explosive hearing as former FBI director,...

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