Jona Lynn Parker

Content Director, Investigative Reporter, & Senior Staff Writer

I am a 39 year old mother of three amazing boys (oldest & youngest are biological & middle one is by sheer happy-stance 7 years ago.) I was a stay at home mom & wife until my youngest started Pre-K when I became an accounts manager for a building company for five years. After my divorce I decided to go back to school where I basically became a career student until I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I majored in Sports Psychology but changed my minor several times from educational psychology to Theology, Political Science and finally landing on English even after two of my Poli Sci professors encouraged me to move over to the political side of things. I come from a long line of servicemen & my grandfather was our county’s Veterans service officer for 15 years after retiring before his death. Being a VSO led him to become an unpaid lobbyist for veteran’s affairs & rights along with education. I owe every ounce of patriotism and political passion to him & I also believe he left a lasting impression on my boys for them to carry on his legacy.

My oldest is pursuing a degree in Political Science; my middle son is currently an Army E-3 stationed in Hawaii and Last but not least my youngest son who fell in love with the Navy at the age of 3 will graduate A-School on June 3rd as well as his promotion to E-4 / Petty Officer third class, then be on his way to Virginia for yet another school. when I say I spend the majority of my time wrapped up in local, national & worldwide news & politics now you know why.

I worked for several years for local school districts here in Texas. Unfortunately I have Lupus SLE and physically could no longer keep up with the demands of my job. That is another reason I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity because between my body’s immune system loving to attack me from the inside out & my chemo treatments working outside of the home has become extremely difficult. It broke my heart 3 & 1/2 years ago when I had to give up on chasing one of my dream careers that I had worked so hard to accomplish.

I know they say when one door closes another opens but there have been times when I lost faith because as hard as I searched there was no new door to be opened. God is always on time, it’s HIS time not ours & just like that when I had given up hope on ever being able to work in a field that I was passionate about & could have the chance to make a difference, here I am.

You can reach me at Jlparker@MadisonsCPC
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