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When told by my editor, “Hey write me a bio,”  I freaked.  I do not see myself as a writer, and I really hate talking about myself. So, here goes:

I am an “old fashioned,” All-American country girl.  I have five kids that are thankfully, crazy enough to give me writing material.  I am a scientist/mathematician and love working with kids, as they tend to be smarter than most adults.  

I am great at ranting, (not what my husband calls it). I really did just wake up one day and just decided to start writing it down. Who knew I would like it, much less that anyone would read it, and it’s way cheaper than therapy.

Think About It

While browsing the internet the other day looking for a perfect picture for my last article, I came across an interesting statistic. 82% of all statistics are made up.   Wow! Who would have thought it?   Well, me actually.  Especially since I made it up!  Which leads...

It’s Time to Grow Up!

My children are very active in sports.  Cross country, soccer, wrestling and track and in the past three years I have seen a very irritating trend– Supplying high school kids with snacks for meets.  Now some people might say, “What a good idea!  What are you...

Shame Me No More

I am about to send my second child to college, and we have been doing our research.   We are trying to decide what best suits him and his needs.  We have looked at private and Christian colleges, and public universities, both large and small.  We have determined our...

The Parent Brain According to Teenagers

I remember when I was smart, and then my kids became teenagers.  When they were little, I was a genius.   I would say, “ Don’t pick your nose or your eyes will fall out.”  And they would accept it as a fact and look at me with awe. Their teacher would tell them things...

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