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Traci Belmonte proudly wears the nickname “PolitiDiva” for her love of politics and all things sequin. Born and raised in the liberal paradise of New York; it wasn’t easy for Traci to grow up a right-wing, gun-loving, devoted Patriot. Traci credits her ability to aptly debate liberals due to her upbringing in New York, which afforded plenty of practice. The PoltiDiva began a blog under the same name and, soon after, began writing for Madison’s. She has also worked on the Donald Trump campaign, Lee Zeldin campaign, and anchored exploratory committees for two Republican challengers for local NY offices. Traci is a frequent guest on the television program, “Nobodies Talking Politics”, was a guest on Fox’s “The Kelly File”, and can be heard given her political opinions on “The Real Radio Show”. Traci looks forward to contributing to Madison’s with her news stories and feisty opinion pieces. You can follow her on twitter @PolitiDiva

Trouble for Loretta Lynch: Top Dem Calls for Investigation

Liberal Democratic Senator, Dianne Feinstein, called for a probe of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s actions in the email investigation of Hillary Clinton. Sen. Feinstein, the top Democrat who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said she is concerned by the...


Washington, DC was rocked to its core yesterday with the termination of controversial FBI Director, James Comey. A Senior White House Official said, “President Trump is expected to name a replacement in the coming days”. The official did not indicate who the President...

Lawsuit Accuses CNN of Rampant Racism

Employees of CNN have signed on to a class-action lawsuit accusing the news giant of rampant racism and disparities based on race. The complaint charges that African-American workers receive lower performance ratings in evaluations, that there exist wage disparities...

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