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Warner Workman is a retired senior level CIA technical intelligence officer. During his 27 year career, he
travelled internationally for 17 years and has been to over 100 countries. He currently is a consultant
within the Intelligence Community and owns and operates a small 2nd Amendment store. He is a
published columnist and writer focused on history and current events. He is married to the love-of-his-
life, Lana, of 30 years and they have four great children. He lives in a small, rural Virginia community, 60
miles outside Washington DC.

To the World’s Greatest Dad!

On Father’s Day, 2017, I hereby proclaim my dad, Warner Joseph Workman Sr., as the “World’s Greatest Dad.” I have firmly staked my claim to the elementary school yard proclamation of having the “World’s Greatest Dad.”  I give not one inch to any other dad, past,...

Driving Mrs. Lana

I have had the pleasure or misfortune of traveling via air “a lot” since my first plane flight at age 16. During my career with the Government, I traveled internationally for 17 years and have been to over 100 countries. This is in addition to extensive...


The embarrassing days of the “lead from behind” and the “I have a pen and a phone” foreign policy is behind us…and thank God for it! Trump’s masterful response was nothing less than brilliant. No chest beating, no coalition building, no three-month advanced warning of...


The imminent extradition of former CIA intel officer, Sabrina De Sousa, from Portugal to Italy will have the single greatest chilling and detrimental effect upon the secretive intelligence agency than the full eight years of Obama’s war on, and managerial incompetence...


Don’t Overthink the Flynn Affair! As divided as our Nation is today, not everything can be segregated into a vast Right- or Left-Wing conspiracy. Not every visible effect is the direct result of a cause we champion. The sun rising at 6:00 am is not the result of...

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