Watson Prunier

Contributor / Host of Battle4Freedom Podcast

Watson is the oldest of 5 born in NY to Haitian immigrants. “I’m a quad but don’t know where two of my other siblings are. We grew up in poverty but it helped keep me centered.” Watson is the host of Battle4Freedom Podcast on Lanterns Radio.


News reports are out of the unemployment hitting decade lows at 4.4%. 211,000 jobs in April. It has all the makings of the success of making America Great again. Trump supporters are not withholding excitement to share this information. But, is this another distortion...

Walter Scott killer pleads guilty

The two-year anniversary marking the brutal killing of Walter Scott comes with a small reprieve for his family. They can find a little comfort as his killer pleads guilty. Former police officer, Michael Slager, changed his plea from not guilty to avoiding the...


For eight years, mainstream media outlets were not shy to push any story lines that highlighted racism. From Michael Brown to Freddie Gray; America was consistently reminded about it’s persistent degradation of black people. Most of it was connected to the...

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