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10 Earth-Like Planets Found

10 Earth-Like Planets Found

by Fox News ‘We are probably not alone’: 10 more planets that could support life found by NASA NASA’s Kepler space telescope team has identified 219 new planet candidates, 10 of which are near-Earth size and in the habitable zone of their star. (Credits:...

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Think About It

While browsing the internet the other day looking for a perfect picture for my last article, I came across an interesting statistic. 82% of all statistics are made up.   Wow! Who would have thought it?   Well, me actually.  Especially since I made it up!  Which leads...


by Fox News New ice discovered on Mars A depression huge and deep on Mars has left astronomers baffled. It was discovered by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (NRO), which has been studying the Martian surface for 11 years. The vast pit, estimated to be...

Scientists BUILD Black Hole

by Fox News Scientists create ‘molecular black hole’ in laboratory using world’s most powerful x-ray beam The collision of two black holes – a tremendously powerful event detected for the first time ever by the Laser Interferometer...

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