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My Life With U.S.A.W.F. Syndrome

My Life With U.S.A.W.F. Syndrome

I have developed Upward Swinging Arm Wrist Flap Syndrome (U.S.A.W.F.S.). What I’ve noticed is my left shoulder and wrist have become quite muscular, leaving me tipping over to my left. I wondered how this happened and was quite concerned. I did a Google search...

The Mayor Daley Comparison

The Mayor Daley Comparison

There was a person I knew who was appalled by the comparison I made between them and Mayor Richard J. Daley. This person boasted that they had a thick skin, and people could say what they wanted to….”It’s less time they complain about someone...

Divided We Stand

If anyone had told me two years ago, that we would inaugurate Donald Trump as president of our nation in 2017, I would have thought they were on meds (the wrong meds). As I write this, I am still in a state of denial and shock. Will I ever reach the acceptance stage?...

A Lesson from “Flat Earth”

This wonderful blog was written by my friend, Bill Sullivan.  (Submitted with permission by Janice Barlow) HAVE ANY of you, my friends, run into people who you thought were intelligent, some who were even scientists, who claim that the earth is flat? They are willing...

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