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There are many factors that lead to constitutionalist conservatives being silenced.  However, there is one main factor that true conservatives, should turn our focus towards today: media involvement.  Never before in history has the media had such a profound impact on the choices American citizens make.  Both major political parties use the media to advance their agendas.  The media influence choices by who they choose to cover, how they choose to cover them and sometimes, make just as loud of a statement by choosing who or what NOT to cover.  The media doesn’t stop its work with their handling of politics.  They also shape the way you think about social issues, religion, and individual policies.  Words matter, and over time, using derogatory language can take its toll on how someone views a terrorist, an unborn child, a Christian or Jew or even a gun.  We at Madison’s want to offer an alternative to mainstream media.  It’s a tall order.  An expensive order.  It’s an uphill climb but it is also crucial.  We subscribe to the theory that if you want something done right, do it yourself.  While we certainly don’t claim to have the financial backing of large corporate donors, we also don’t have their ultimatums and corrupt, selfish agendas.  You can make a difference simply by volunteering your talents.  Other than your time, what do you have to lose?  Join us at the beginning of our adventure and play a pivotal role in the decisions used to shape our organization and write your own destiny.  Don’t be a complainer, be part of the solution.  Be the change you seek.  Email us to get started today:

News Anchors

Are you outgoing? Quick on your feet?  We are seeking individuals to provide live broadcasts of news events via social media that can be recorded and shared on our website, as well as anchors to read news scripts via video.  The right individuals for this should be professional in appearance, speech and will display confidence.  The best part of this job is the opportunity to be the public face for a rapidly expanding news outlet.  With our expansion and daily growth, there is no telling what doors can be opened for the right individual.







Sports Reporters & Columnists

Are you a sports enthusiast?  Seeking individuals to provide news on sporting events.  We are seeking broadcasters to report sports news live via radio, video as well as columnists to write op/ed pieces, both on an individual basis, and as a weekly recurring column.  We are also seeking journalists to write straight news on a full-array of sporting events from high school athletics to professional sports. These individuals will report to the Sports Director.


Lifestyle Contributors

Seeking the perfect individual to manage all aspects our largest and most diverse department, and help shape our path from early on. Also seeking many contributors to write articles on one or more of the following: agriculture, education, family life, food, health & fitness, home & garden, pets, style & travel. This should be a mix of news, reviews, personal interest stories and op/ed pieces and the ideal candidates will use creativity to provide interesting and fresh content.  Also seeking an individual to create crosswords and word search puzzles to be embedded on the site-software provided.

Entertainment Contributors

We are also looking for writers and journalists to cover news in relation to books, movies & television, music, celebrity, theater & art, celebrity, and photography. We are also looking for great fictional content in one-time pieces or series.  Contributing your work is a great way to advertise your business.  Madison’s vigorously supports conservative business.  Also seeking contributors to write reviews, personal interest, and op/ed pieces in any of the aforementioned areas.


We are also seeking journalists and research oriented individuals to cover news events, both major and minor, inside of the United States as well as internationally. These individuals will write on the news in a timely manner and might also be responsible for the managing of the breaking news alerts submitted via Twitter and Facebook.  We have the tools needed to cover news adequately and professionally and will help train journalists in the making. However, this is a straight news department and op/ed pieces aren’t accepted.

Contributors to Weather

We are seeking individuals to write on all aspects of weather. These submissions should be a mix of news, personal interest stories, almanacs and forecasts and might be in the form of weekly columns and individual articles.  If you are fascinated by Mother Nature, this will be a good fit for you.

Business Contributors

We are seeking contributors to write articles that should be a mix of news, reviews, personal interest stories, and advice as it relates to business and the economy. This can be in the form of individual articles or weekly columns.

Religion Contributors

We are also seeking individuals to contribute.  These contributions should be a mix of news, personal interest, op/ed pieces, and legislation as it affects religion.  We are very proud to offer this department as Christians and Jews around the world are being belittled and ignored.

Politics Contributors

We are seeking contributors to write on issues relating to US and World politics, conservatism from a philosophical and historical point of view, as well as elections, mostly down the ticket.  These articles should be a mix of news and op/ed pieces.  We are also needing persons to keep our readers informed by highlighting important legislation.

Outdoors Contributors

We are seeking contributors to write content as it involves hunting, fishing, guns & ammo and recreation.  This should be a mix of news, reviews, informative legislation watch pieces, personal interest stories and op/ed pieces.


We are searching for editors with prior experience.  This is the perfect job for school teachers and professors although not limited to. Must have strong English skills and grammar and spelling knowledge.  Work with a great team to learn media editing and help our writers shine at your own pace.

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