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This Day in History – June 8

This Day in History – June 8

June 8 452 – Attila the Hun invades Italy 632 – Muhammad, the founder of Islam and unifier of Arabia, dies 793 – The Vikings raid the Northumbrian coast of England 1625 – Astronomer, Giovanni Domenico Cassini, is born 1724 – English engineer, John Smeaton, is born...

This Day in History – May 30

This Day in History – May 30

May 30 1416 – Jerome of Prague is burned as a heretic by the Church 1431 – Joan of Arc is burned at the stake by the English for heresy 1527 – The University of Marburg is founded in Germany 1539 – Hernando de Soto lands in Florida with 600 soldiers in search of gold...

This Day in History – June 7

June 7 1329 – Scottish King, Robert the Bruce, dies 1498 – Christopher Columbus leaves on his third voyage of exploration 1502 – Roman Catholic Pope, Gregory XIII, is born 1546 – The Peace of Ardes ends the war between France and England 1654 – Louis XIV is crowned...

This Day in History – June 6

June 6 1523 – Gustav Vasa becomes king of Sweden 1606 – French author, Pierre Corneille, is born 1641 – Spain loses Portugal 1674 – Sivaji crowns himself King of India 1683 – The world’s first university museum, The Ashmolean, opens in Oxford, England 1755 – American...

This Day in History – June 5

June 5 1099 – Members of the First Crusade witness an eclipse of the moon and interpret it as a sign they will recapture Jerusalem 1568 – Ferdinand, the Duke of Alba, crushes the Calvinist insurrection in Ghent 1595 – Henry IV’s army defeats the Spanish at the Battle...

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