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The Real Reason NFL Players Protest

The Real Reason NFL Players Protest

tisThe disturbing sight of team after team in the NFL “taking a knee” during the playing of the National Anthem is a direct result of incitement by former president Obama, his attorney general, Eric Holder and Democrats during the Obama years. Democrat...

More Lawfare by the Left Against the Executive Branch

More Lawfare by the Left Against the Executive Branch

“Lawfare” is the use of often-frivolous lawsuits to intimidate, silence and stymie opponents. The absurd suits of blue states against the president, in order to block his immigration orders, are good examples. Here’s yet another reason why Congress should strip the...

Yes, Harvey Did Showcase America At Its Best

A few weeks ago my family and I were out at a small-town festival when suddenly an elderly woman in a motorized wheelchair took a tumble over the side of a street curb. Within seconds she was surrounded by people. A couple of the guys lifted the woman’s chair back up...

Mr. President: Keep Your Promise to Black Americans on DACA

A Wall St. Journal article on August 25th discusses the people who were brought to the US by their illegal alien parents, called by some “dreamers,” though they are just as illegal as their parents. But in June of 2012 Obama, in effect, rewrote the Immigration and...

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